+Margret - Reach an all time high

+Margret had a very special day today.

Therefore, the company invited the staff to enjoy a good classic Italian-inspired lunch today.
The Prosecco toasting will be done at the company's next kickoff 😊

Johan and Anette presented our very positive figures for the last quarter.
Johan took us back to 1956 when he told us how his grandmother Maria and her sister Greta started Margrets!
There has been very much in the company since then and + Margret has developed into a small well-functioning group of 4 companies.

Everyone at + Margret will receive a bonus as the company returns 10% of the earnings to the employees at 2 month intervals.
It feels great to be able to give this bonus, especially when we know how hard everyone has been working in recent months.
+ Margret is also reaching for an ALL TIME HIGH for the full year, this is because we have a broken the fiscal year.

We want to extend a big thank you to all our staff...

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