Margret at Heimtextil 2018

We have been at this year's edition of Hemtextil and have been inspired!

For the first time we that work with interior decoration for hotels, restaurants and public environments had our own part of the exhibition at the fair.

Here the focus was on high quality selections of interior textiles and products for the kind of environments we work with, we were able to meet several for us new interesting companies.

This year's trending theme on Heimtextil this year was "The Future is Urban" and they talked a lot about the future's mega cities and densification.  This development already puts high demands on the interiors in our homes, hotels, restaurants and public areas.

As cities grow and we spend more and more of our time indoors, our indoor climate needs to change. We will be exposed to even more noise pollution, indoor air pollution and the lack of natural light. The challenge is to create the prerequisites for good lighting and airflow, including colors that we like and textile interiors that reduces noise.
Plants and greenery has been a recurring theme when we speak about indoor design for years, plants create harmony in public spaces and in the office landscape.

Colors are known to influence moods and emotions.
Green is the color that is most relaxing for our eyes and lush green colors in our surroundings make it easier to reload both body and soul.
Decorators create green oases using plants and textiles with different structures to give us an increased sense of well-being.
Blue - opposite to all that we have read until now, blue has proved to be a stimulating color and red calms.
Indigo is a color that comes strong, but also pastel colors in materials such as wool, felt and linen give the interior a timeless elegance.

Relaxing and recharging our batteries are words that re-occur regardless of what interior designer or architect we talk to. It is becoming increasingly important that we this into account when we design and decorate public spaces. The cities make us overpowered and we need color and thoughtful environments to restore energy balance.

Now we will try to melt all the impressions and include everything we have learned in our projects in 2018

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