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Our Colin Felton travels a lot and this week he has been in Finnish Vaasa where he was met by cold and snowy weather and in the rainy city of Bergen in Norway.

+ Margret will deliver all textiles to the new part at Scandic Vaasa hotel.
The hotel is extended to double the number of rooms, build 5 new meeting rooms and a large banquet hall, the new part is opposite the old hotel and they are tied together by a covered walkway.
Since the hotel is located in Finland (the coutry of Sauna), almost all rooms in the original hotel have their own sauna and jacuzzi
In the new development, some rooms will also have this luxury.
Scandic Vaasa is centrally located close to the train station, shopping streets and the main square, perfect accommodation close to shopping and attractions.

After a short stopover in Sweden, Colin traveled to Norway and the beautiful city of Bergen, the weather changed sharply. Bergen delivered bare ground and rain rather than snow and ice.
The popular hotel Scandic Bergen city will have a face lift both inside and out, the hotel is centrally located in Bergen amidst theaters, restaurants and shopping.
So far, the hotel is hidden behind scaffolding and plastic, but it will be exciting to see the results of the renovation.

At Scandic Bergen City + Margret has been commissioned to deliver textile furnishings to 90 rooms.

Scandic Vaasa

Scandic Bergen City

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