Hotel Curtains

+ Margret sews thousands of meters of hotel curtains to hotels every year, mainly in Scandinavia, but also around Europe and the world.
We measure, sew and mount curtains and are always with our customers from the first idea to the finished project.

What characterizes the hotel curtains we install in hotel rooms is the quality and feeling of luxury combined with the simplicity of closing the curtains and darkening a room.
We achieve this by using exclusively good materials in both fabrics for the curtains and in the curtain rails we use in the rooms.
The curtains extend from floor to ceiling, giving a sense of space and luxury even in smaller rooms while effectively shutting out light for those guests who need to sleep in a really dark room.

Hotel curtains usually consist of two curtains, black out curtains in combination with lengths in a stylish design or a voile for transparency.

All curtains in a hotel are of course not in the hotel rooms, but also in other areas such as the lobby, restaurant and conference rooms. All rooms in a hotel need curtains, here you can experiment more with design and create different atmospheres with the textiles in the different rooms.

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