SAAB Linkoping

During 2014 we entered a interior design project together with Kinnarps and Satellit architects for SAAB's new head office in Linköping, we delivered the textile interiors.

Satellit Architects in Stockholm has designed all interiors and the public spaces outside.

The project is now finished and it was a successful project from beginning to end and everyone involved are happy with the end result.
There have been some additions during the project, but with a project of this size that is not uncommon .

We have fitted textile room dividers, these create a room in the room effect and divides the large surfaces in to pleasant areas.
With the façade curtains we have softened the large surfaces and created a pleasant sound environment, but also made the room visually pleasing.
This was accomplished with 800 wave curtains and 1 400 meters with curtain rails.

In addition, we have installed approx. 400 roller blinds of screen fabric that filters out heat and sunlight to get a pleasant working environment .

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