Public spaces – Hospitals & Schools

Textile furnishings for Hospitals & schools

We have worked with textile interiors for about 30 years and know from experience how important it is with a functional and inspiring workspace.
At Margret we are specialized in textile furnishings and in partnership with our clients, architects and interior designers we develop the textile furnishings that you need.
Curtains are important for all types of rooms, they create the light and sound environment that you need while and they also create a comfortable feel in a room.
Whether you need fabrics that are flame-retardant, Eco-Tex certified, organic or with special features for light shielding, blackout, or silencing in the workplace, we can help you all the way from idea to reality.

Hospitals & Medical facilities

We manufacture and assemble curtains for hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.
Custom curtains as dividers for patient rooms, blackout curtains, sound absorbing fabrics to public areas and curtains to staff areas.


The interior decor in a workplace is very important and the school is a workplace for both students and teachers.
Disturbing noise rarely harms hearing, but even low noise can lead to poor concentration and fatigue.

In poor acoustic environments, we use to much of our capacity just to be able to interpret what is said, then we have less resources left to process the information we receive.
This impairs our ability for learning, problem solving and understanding, this primarily affects children with dyslexia and other groups with limited learning capacity.

Curtains and soft materials in a classroom or a school cafeteria is good for the sound environment, but also for the ambience and aesthetics. A good environment increases employee morale, satisfaction and productivity, curtains and soft furnishings are a very important factor in improving the working environment in schools.
In schools, we put up curtains with different types of features, it can be for blackout, silencing or just to increase the general well-being.


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